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    We were the strongest army in Club Penguin army history. We were created on February 8, 2010 by Wwebestfan, and we lived strong all the way until Club Penguins closure. We've fought the hardest battles, and always came out on top.

    We have done the impossible, and we were always known for standing up for what was right, even if stood alone.

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Hall of Fame

This page will give you information on who is part of the DCP hall of fame, and hall of shame. To be on this page, you had to do a great share of work, and be a true Dorito who played a significant role in the rise of the DCP Empire. Typically one who starts out as nothing and works his way up to achieve success will find themselves rewarded for their hard work and dedication. Everyone on this page is truly legendary.

Wwebestfan – Creator and first leader of the Doritos. Brought DCP to World Power status and sizes of 40-45. Credited with helping the Doritos reach first in CPAC many times and win multiple wars. He’s the biggest legend in DCP history.

Alfrondo1465 – Co-Creator of the Doritos, and DCP’s 5th leader. Led with Wwebestfan during DCP’s first golden age. Organized DCP’s first official government.

Bam117 – Co-Creator of the Doritos, He was one of the most prominent leaders in the entire history of the Doritos. Since the very beginning he was dedicated and loyal to his army, joining at a young age and sticking with the army for years on end. Leading to great heights and defeating all those who opposed DCP, Bam117 has indefinitely created a legacy here in the Doritos.

Logrey – He was one of DCP’s first troops, when he merged his army into DCP. He disappeared for a while, but Wwe kept trying to find him all over Club Penguin, and when Wwe found him, Logrey would return as the 24th leader of the DCP.

Thumbee – 19th leader of the DCP – hired by Wwebestfan. Helped recruit new soldiers into the army alongside Wwe.

Motoxjohn – 2nd leader of the Doritos. Led alongside Wwebestfan.

Nachozman124 – One of DCP’s first troops – joined the 2nd day after the army’s creation.

57to – 4th leader of DCP. Led alongside Wwebestfan during DCP’s 1st major war against the Army of Club Penguin, about a month after DCP’s creation.

Crazyhightec – 9th leader of the Doritos. Joined a little after March 2010, and is known for attempting to fix any issues that would pop up.

Garrett1233 –  DCP’s 24th leader. He led with Flyers43 after Wwe’s retirement in March 2011, after the FW merge, and did his best bringing DCP back from the dead.

Arch20045 – DCP’s 31st leader. He led alongside Wwebestfan when he first became leader. Once he received leader, everything went uphill until DCP Creator, WweBestFan retired. Alfrondo returned, and Arch made Mustapha10 leader. It was only a few weeks later DCP started rising to numbers of 20-25, and soon 30-35. He is well known for his many recruiting skills, and hard work. He is also known for being a part of “Order 77″.

Mustapha10 – DCP’s 32nd leader. He is well known for his many recruiting skills. He is very enthusiastic and always looks on the optimistic sides of things. He always kept DCP in the right mood. When he came on chat, he came on prepared. He was one of the greatest leaders DCP has ever seen. He led DCP to their highest point in history, and kept them there for a long period of time. He led DCP to first in 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 each time helping DCP to reach sizes above 70+ consistently and in 2015 getting DCP to record breaking sizes of 80-100 while statistically achieving the number 1 army of the year.

Lord West  DCP’s 46th leader. West is one of the coolest dudes around. Continuously keeps the chat feeling like it’s the spot to be, as well as with his other colleagues, and lead DCP to great heights that had never been seen before, even helping DCP to reach 70+ troops online. A hell of a leader, and a mad man, West will always be remembered by his troops.

Brad – Has been with DCP through thick and thin, no matter what, he would bow to no one and fought hard against our enemies. Brad is a prime example of someone that everyone in DCP should look up to. He was always enthusiastic and has been there since the very beginning of the 2015 generation.

Flipmoo – The greatest allied leader in the history of the Dorito Empire. Has helped and aided Doritos through thick and thin, regardless of the circumstances; strengthening the brother alliance between ACP & DCP!

Freezypink – Freezypink also known as Lizz, was a DCP Owner who achieved the rank of Leader in Training back in 2010/2011. She left her army Team Gold to join DCP and brought a lot of her friends with her. She increased the amount of girls brought into the DCP ranks, when armies were majority guys. She also increased the amount of fun by donating xats and powers so DCP could have raffles and prizes.

32op – 32op joined in 2012 and has been loyal ever since. He started off as a low rank and made his way up to LIT several times until finally becoming leader in 2016. His leadership was short but in the time he had, he helped Doritos win a tournament and helped DCP get to 1st place.

Unknown/Coolorange54 – Unknown was by far one of DCP’s most loyal soldiers to ever step foot into this army. He started out as a member and made his way through the ranks up to Leader years later. He always made DCP his priority and focused on remaining as active as he could. His dedication will never be gone unseen.

Aaronstone42 – Aaron joined DCP after the ACP and DCP war. Even though everyone saw him as nothing but a complaining noob, his activeness and loyalty moved him up through the ranks from a low-Member rank to Leader in Training, while also having the glory to serve as a leader for a short period of time.

Carter/Greenoiscool – Carter was known for creating peace and making strong allies with other armies. He was given DCP leader eventually to help rise, and to give DCP a better name at the time. He first joined DCP in 2011 after he left the Night Warriors and has been loyal to us ever since.

Xxtoysoldier – One of the greatest leaders of all time. Truly a legend, and has been known for leading DCP to dominance regardless of the circumstances. He is known for leading with Mustapha and the “Toysta” duo. Toysoldier was a genius and always has been innovative with his elite ways of bringing DCP to the very top. Toy will forever be remembered not only by DCP but by the entire community. His accomplishments are truly unprecedented!

Jester – Dedicated his time and energy towards the Dorito Empire for several years on end. He was a true Dorito and he worked very hard in an effort to help bring rise to the army. He has had his up and downs but his past contributions to our army is what enables him to have a spot on this page today.

Cul8rsl – Cul has always been loyal to the Doritos. He has been here for years, and has always put in his best effort towards the army. He even led our army after he moved to Australia where the timezones were complete opposite. He always tried his best and helped make DCP the greatest army to ever exist. Cul was always there for the army, even when he was retired. He was also one of the first people to rise DCP back up and reach the number 1 spot.

** This list includes people who were both in DCP and weren’t in DCP **

Bluepaint (ioioluk) – Ioioluk would constantly lie, and did nothing but cause problems with other armies. He is disrespectful to everyone who isn’t in LT.

Blizzard880 – He is also like bluepaint, always causing problems. He is also on the hall of shame for getting the Black Alliance to attack DCP for no reason.

Auburndude – The 8th leader of DCP, but despite being leader, he liked to annoy and pretty much “troll” everyone, which caused many problems within the army.

Shaboomboom – Shaboomboom attempted to try and “ban” Wwebestfan from Club Penguin Armies, and although his attempts to do this failed, they will not be forgotten and Shab will forever be looked down upon by DCP.

Badboy – One of the most cringe-worthy people on xat by far. Nearly ruined DCP’s reputation with his excessive multilogging obsession and constant rage posts.

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